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Honda values


"We have to aim for 120% product quality.
It is unacceptable that even one customer in a thousand -
even one customer in ten thousand - should receive a defective product.
That's why we have to aim for 120%."

These words of founder Soichiro Honda define the company's fundamental approach to quality, or more specifically, what it means to strive to be a company society wants to exist. Determined to meet or exceed the expectations of customers, Honda is taking new initiatives to reach high product quality standards.

That is who we are. To strengthen customer trust by offering products founded on safety and offering a new level of outstanding quality, Honda has created a quality cycle that continuously enhances quality at every stage encompassing design, development, production, sales and after-sales service.

Honda products have a reputation for reliability, durability and
advanced features in markets and territories worldwide.


Global Environmental Slogan

Honda's philosophy behind its environmental commitment is to ensure Blue Skies For Our Childern. This philosophy is the impetus behind Honda's many efforts to reduce the environmental impact of its manfacturing operations, as well as throughout the lifecycle of its products.

Honda wants to pass on the "joy and freedom of mobility to the next generation" (for our children), therefore, we want to realize a sustainable society where people can enjoy life (blue skies).

Blue skies for our children global development

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Lifestyle-enriching Creativity and Innovation

global environment symbol

Global environmental symbol

The circular graphic represents the earth and sun with blue skies (clean air), clean water, and lush green land expressing the bounty of nature that is necessary for us to realize a sustainable society where people can enjoy life. The white line through the middle represents a road where freedom of mobility is realized, while the heart represents Honda's thinking and passion toward our environmental commitment.



All lives are precious. That's why Honda sees safety as one of the most vital aspect in car making. Honda strives to make products with high levels of safety, so that everyone can have
a safe and pleasant journey wherever they go.

We are passionate about the safety of not just everyone who gets in a Honda, but of everyone who shares the road with them too. That’s why we are leading society toward a radically transformed mobility experience, one that is safer than most can currently even imagine. We also envision that the future zero-collision mobility experience will be far faster and with zero carbon emissions. We call this dream a Cooperative Car Society, and we’re already working hard to make it real.

collision free

Our Collision-free Future

Creating a world where collision no longer happen is one of our most monumental dreams yet, and we're already working toward making it come true. Seeking to manufacture cars that enhance safety. Honda has been working to enhance active safety and collision safety to help reduce human injuries.

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