Diesel Particulate Filter

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF*) FAQ

(*Available only in Diesel varient BS6 vehicles)

Q: What is a DPF and why is it needed?

A: DPF or Diesel Particulate Filter is device present in the exhaust system, designed for collecting the particulate matter (PM) from exhaust gas, thereby reducing emissions.

• The DPF periodically burns off the collected PM while driving at high temperature of catalytic converter. When PM is burned off, white smoke may be noticed in the exhaust gas, and average fuel consumption may increase. This is temporary and normal.

Q: In what conditions may the PM be accumulated?

A: PM may be accumulated in catalytic converter when the vehicle is driven in following conditions:

Diesel Particulate Filter Important Information

DPF indicator condition
Blinks/ Flashing
Continuously On
Action Required

Drive the vehicle at a speed of 20 kilometres/hour or more until the indicator goes off.

In case the light continuous to blink even after driving as mentioned above, take the vehicle to the nearest HCIL dealer as soon as possible.

Vehicle may be towed depending upon distance travelled
after indicator start glowing continuously. Please contact HCIL dealer

Continuously ignoring the indicator coming on may cause the DPF to be clogged with PM, seriously damaging the DPF and emission control system as well as other related items.

Important Tips

Always use Honda recommended Diesel Engine Oil (ACEA C2/C3)
Always use BS6 diesel fuel
Services at regular interval as per Owner's Manual

Important Advisory*

The DPF operates at a high temperature. It can set fire on any combustible material that comes near it. Please park the vehicle away from high grass, dry leaves or other flammables.

*For details please refer respective Owner's Manual