Car Care Tips

Dear Customer,

While you and your Honda #StayHomeStaySafe,
do keep in mind below important tips:

  1. Ensure electricals are switched off –
    (all lights and accessories)
  2. Keep in recirculation mode and switch off the A/C
  3. Avoid using hand brake, use tyre stoppers like wooden wedges etc.
    (only during long storage)
  4. Lift up wiper arm
    (to prevent rubber damage)
  5. Covered parking or use of car cover is preferred
  6. Move the car slightly forward and backwards once in 7 days to prevent flat spots on tyres.
  7. Start the car and keep the engine idling* for 15 minutes, once in 3 days to prevent battery from draining
    *(Engine idling should not be done in closed parking or other unsafe conditions)
We urge you to sanitize your hand regularly & wear mask when you step out to check the car