Honda Siel Cars India Showcases Futuristic Technologies at Auto Expo 2006

January 12, 2006 New Delhi

New Delhi, Jan 12: Honda Siel Cars India (HSCI), leading manufacturer of premium cars in India, today showcased the technological might of Honda at the Auto Expo 2006, with a grand display of several hi-tech vehicles, including the much-awaited Honda Civic.

In keeping with its theme at the Expo, “Raising the Bar”, HSCI will give the Indian public a glimpse of the world’s most advanced next-generation technologies – the hybrid “Insight” and the fuel-cell powered “FCX”. HSCI is the first company to display these technologies in India. Not only do these cars demonstrate Honda’s undisputed excellence in automotive technologies, they are also symbols of the company’s commitment to develop fuel-efficient and environment-friendly vehicles.

More importantly, these advanced technologies are built on the much-acclaimed VTEC technology. The VTEC engine, which is found in all the Honda cars in India, has ensured a perfect balance between fuel efficiency and driving pleasure. It has been a major factor in the popularity of Honda cars in the country.

Besides securing the environment for future generations, the other focus area for Honda has been performance – a field in which it is forever “Raising the Bar”. A Formula One racer, the ultimate in performance vehicles from the Honda stable, has also been especially flown in for the Expo for the F-1 fans in India. Honda has a long-standing association with motorsports, which demonstrates the challenging spirit of the company.

The most important display at the Auto Expo 2006 from the HSCI stable, however, is the globally successful eighth-generation Honda Civic, which the company’s plans to introduce in India shortly. The Civic is being displayed in India for the first time for a preview. The model will bridge the gap between the two already successful Honda models in India – the Honda City and the Accord and will enter the market between the C and D segments.

The Honda Civic also has the distinction of being voted the “Car of the Year” at the prestigious Detroit Auto Show 2006 earlier this month.

The proposed launch of the Civic is part of a larger plan by HSCI to ramp up its operations in the country. “Raising the Bar’, HSCI has already increased its production capacity from 30,000 to 50,000 units in November 2005, with an investment of Rs. 150 crores. The company is now well geared to meet the expected increase in demand of its models this year. The year 2005 was also significant for HSCI because it crossed the 40,000 milestone in the Calendar Year 2005.

Addressing the media at the Expo, HSCI President and CEO, Mr. M. Takedagawa, said, “The Civic you see here will be launched in India this year with some minor modifications to suit Indian tastes and conditions. As part of our efforts to pave the way for the new product, we have already increased our production capacity. We are also in the process of increasing our dealer and service network in the country to reach out to more customers in more cities.”

On the other cars at the HSCI stand, he said, “With more cars on the roads today than ever before, we at Honda realize the significance of environment conservation. For three decades, Honda has played a leading role in meeting the environmental challenge. Our objective is to make environmentally friendlier products, which are easier to own and fun to drive.”

Apart from the displays, HSCI has put up sales counters at the Auto Expo to enable prospective customers to book their cars at the stand. Customers who book their cars at the venue, will get special offers, such as one year extended warranty on Honda City ZX and Honda Accord. On the CR-V the offer is a free one-year comprehensive service package.

Cars on Display:

Honda Insight Honda Insight, a globally successful example of Honda’s hybrid engine technology, was introduced in 1999, making Honda the first automobile manufacturer to introduce gas-electric hybrid technology. The Honda Insight delivers outstanding efficiency by using Integrated Motor Assist (IMA™), which pairs a compact, 1.0-liter, 3-cylinder petrol engine with an ultra-thin electric motor. A lean-burn fuel-injection system and VTEC® (variable valve timing and lift electronic control) technology further helps in improving power and fuel-economy of the car. As the first petrol-electric hybrid, the Honda Insight is credited as the original hybrid car.

FCX The FCX demonstrates Honda’s revolutionary fuel-cell technology and is considered the world's most advanced fuel cell vehicle (FCV) in regular daily operation. A fuel cell vehicle is powered by an electric motor running on electricity generated by a fuel stack, which uses hydrogen as its energy source. The unique technology used in FCX allows its motor to be powered with electricity generated from a hydrogen-oxygen chemical reaction, thereby producing water vapor as the only emission. With a maximum output of 80 horsepower, FCX’s acceleration is ideal for city driving. While the 2005 Honda FCX is Honda’s second-generation fuel-cell vehicle, it is the first to be powered by a Honda designed and manufactured fuel cell stack.

Formula 1 Car The spirit to challenge and lead ignited in 1954, when founder Soichiro Honda unearthed the company’s desire to be part of the Isle of Man TT Races. The company became the first Japanese engine manufacturer for Formula 1 and also won its first title in 1965.

The present Honda F1 engine “Honda RA005E” is a 3-liter naturally aspirated V-type 10-cylinder engine that weighs only 95 kg. It gives maximum output of more than 900 horse power. Honda has built F1 with highest technology – Ultra light weight & powerful.

Honda F1 achieves around 200km/hr in approx. 5.2 seconds; it takes about 3.7 seconds to reach 0-100 Kmph and is capable of top speeds of above 300km/hr.

About Honda Siel Cars India Ltd.

HSCI was established in December 1995, with Honda Motor Co., (Japan) and Siel Ltd. (India) being the key promoters. It is today the leader in the Indian premium and luxury car market.

The Honda City is today recognized as one of the most successful car brands in the country. It is strongly associated with Durability, Reliability, Quality and Fuel-efficiency. Over the years, Honda City has evolved as a product, starting with the first model launch in December 1997. An all-new Honda City, with a completely new design, technology and features, was introduced in October 2003, establishing itself as a success within months of its launch. City ZX, the latest version of the City, including the VTEC version, was introduced recently, offering enhanced power and style.

The company’s Accord and CR-V models have added to the company being recognized as a premium segment leader in the Indian passenger car industry.