How to Refuel

  1. Stop your vehicle with the service station pump on the left side of the vehicle in the rear.
  2. Turn off the engine.
  3. Pull on the fuel fill door release handle under the dashboard at the driver’s side.
    • The fuel fill door opens.
Honda Jazz Fuel Fill Door Release Control
  1. Remove the fuel fill cap slowly. If you hear a release of air, wait until this stops, then turn the knob slowly to open the fuel fill cap.
  1. Place the fuel fill cap in the holder.
  2. Insert the filler nozzle fully.
    • When the tank is full, the fuel nozzle will click off automatically. This leaves space in the fuel tank in case the fuel expands with a change in the temperature.
  3. After filling, replace the fuel fill cap, tightening it until you hear it click at least once.
    • Shut the fuel fill door by hand.
Petrol is highly flammable and explosive. You can be burned or seriously injured when handling fuel.
  • Stop the engine, and keep heat, sparks, and flame away.
  • Handle fuel only outdoors.
  • Wipe up spills immediately.
The filler nozzle automatically stops to leave space in the fuel tank so that fuel does not overflow as a result of changes in air temperature.

Do not continue to add fuel after the filler nozzle has automatically stopped. Additional fuel can exceed the full tank capacity.
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