Charging the Battery

Disconnect both battery cables to prevent damaging your vehicle's electrical system. Always disconnect the negative (-) cable first, and reconnect it last.

Models with test indicator window on the battery
The test indicator’s colour information is on the battery.

The location of the test indicator window may vary depending on the model.

Emergency Procedures
Eyes: Flush with water from a cup or other container for at least 15 minutes. (Water under pressure can damage the eye.) Call a physician immediately.
Skin: Remove contaminated clothing. Flush the skin with large quantities of water. Call a physician immediately.
Swallowing: Drink water or milk. Call a physician immediately.

When you find corrosion, clean the battery terminals by applying a baking powder and water solution. Clean the terminals with a damp towel. Cloth/towel dry the battery. Coat the terminals with grease to help prevent future corrosion.