Models with keyless access system
ENGINE START/STOP Button Operating Range

You can start the engine when the keyless remote is inside the vehicle.
The engine may also run if the keyless remote is close to the door or window, even if it is outside the vehicle.

ON mode:
Indicator in the button is off, if the engine is running.

If the keyless remote battery is weak, beeper sounds and the message appears in the information display.

Do not leave the power mode in ACCESSORY or ON when you get out.

If the power mode does not change from VEHICLE OFF to ACCESSORY, press the ENGINE START/STOP button while moving the steering wheel left and right. The steering wheel will unlock, allowing the mode to change.

Changing the Power Mode

Automatic Power Off

If you leave the vehicle for 30 to 60 minutes with the shift lever in P*1 and the power mode in ACCESSORY, the vehicle automatically goes into the mode similar to VEHICLE OFF (LOCK) to avoid the battery drain.

When in this mode:
The steering wheel does not lock.
You cannot lock or unlock doors with the remote transmitter or the keyless access system.

Press the ENGINE START/STOP button to switch the mode to VEHICLE OFF (LOCK).

*1: Continuously variable transmission models

Power Mode Reminder

If you open the driver’s door when the power mode is set to ACCESSORY, a warning buzzer sounds.

Keyless Remote Reminder

Warning buzzers may sound from inside or/and outside the vehicle to remind you that the keyless remote is out of the vehicle. If the buzzer continues even after the remote is put back inside, place it to be within its operational range.

When the power mode is in ON

If the keyless remote is taken out of the vehicle, and the driver’s door is closed, warning buzzers sound from both inside and outside the vehicle. A warning message on the information display notifies the driver inside that the remote is out.

When the power mode is in ACCESSORY

If the keyless remote is taken out of the vehicle, and all the doors are closed, a warning buzzer sounds from outside the vehicle.

When the keyless remote is within the system’s operational range, and the driver’s door is closed, the warning function cancels.

If the keyless remote is taken out of the vehicle after the engine has been started, you can no longer change the ENGINE START/STOP button mode or restart the engine. Always make sure if the remote is in your vehicle when you operate the ENGINE START/STOP button.

Removing the keyless remote from the vehicle through a window does not activate the warning buzzer.

Do not put the keyless remote on the dashboard or in the glove box. It may cause the warning buzzer to go off. Under some other conditions that can prevent the vehicle from locating the remote, the warning buzzer may also go off even if the remote is within the system’s operational range.