Head Restraints

Adjusting the Head Restraints

Your vehicle is equipped with head restraints in both front seating positions.Rear seat also has head restraints on outer* and centre* seating positions.

Head restraints are most effective for protection against whiplash and other rear-impact crash injuries when the centre of the back of the occupant's head rests against the centre of the restraint. The tops of the occupant's ears should be level with the centre height of the restraint.

Adjusting the front head restraint positions

To raise the head restraint: Pull it upward.
To lower the head restraint: Push it down while pressing the release button.
Improperly positioning head restraints reduces their effectiveness and increases the likelihood of serious injury in a crash.

Make sure head restraints are in place and positioned properly before driving.
In order for the head restraint system to work properly.
  • Do not hang any items on the head restraints, or from the restraint legs.
  • Do not place any object between an occupant and the seat-back.
  • Install each restraint in its proper location.

Changing the Rear Seat Head Restraint Positions*

A passenger sitting in a back seating position should adjust the height of their head restraint to an appropriate position before the vehicle begins moving.
To raise the head restraint:
Pull it upward.
To lower the head restraint:
Push it down while pressing the release button.
Honda Jazz Head Rest
When you use the head restraint in a rear seating position, pull up the head restraint to its highest position. Do not use it in any lower position.

Removing and Reinstalling the Head Restraints

Head restraints can be removed for cleaning or repair.

To remove the head restraint:

Pull the restraint up as far as it will go. Then push the release button, and pull the restraint up and out.

To reinstall the head restraint:

Insert the legs back in place, then adjust the head restraint to an appropriate height while pressing the release button. Pull up on the restraint to make sure it is locked in position.

Failure to reinstall, or correctly reinstall, the head restraints can result in severe injury during a crash.

Always replace the head restraints before driving.
To remove and install the rear outer head restraint, recline the seat-back slightly forward as the space between the ceiling and the seat-back is limited.

* Not available on all models