CD Player*

If a disc error occurs, you may see the following error messages.

Error Message*1
Unplayable File
Track/file format not supported
  • Current track/file will be skipped. The next supported track/file plays automatically.
Bad Disc
Please Check Owner’s Manual
Push Eject
Mechanical error
  • Press the (eject) button and remove the disc, and check that the error message is cleared.
  • Check that the disc is not damaged or deformed, and insert the disc again.
  • If the error message reappears, press the button, and pull out the disc.
  • Insert a different disc.
    If the new disc plays, there is a problem with the first disc.
  • If the error message repeats, or the disc cannot be removed, contact a dealer.
    Do not try to force the disc out of the player.
Mecha Error
Bad Disc
Please Check Owner’s Manual
Servo error
Check Disc
Disc error
Heat Error
High temperature
  • Turn the audio system off and allow the player to cool down until the error message is cleared.

*1 : On the monochrome audio system and the colour audio system, the error messages are displayed in capitals.

* Not available on all models

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